Ultimate Principle is the first in the series for crime fighting expert DCI LANE RIVERS.


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Murder and Mystery at its finest

This was the first crime novel that I had read for a long time and it was a great way to bring me back into the genre. The plot is full of twists and turns from the shocking beginning through to the action packed finale. I recommend this to all fans of crime novels and I can't wait to read more about DCI Lane Rivers.


A Page Turner

Can't believe this is the authors first book. Looking forward to the 2nd book. Was engrossed from the first page, definitely a page turner .


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N. J. Burggraf also writes short stories under the pseudonym, Tessa Castello. Her first collection was published in 2016 and is available on Amazon.


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"For anyone who suffers the daily commute on public transport or needs a lunchtime companion, I can recommend a warm, friendly diversion which will not exhaust you but will leave you smiling and ready to face the future demands of the day. Tessa Castello's "Short Stories for on the go" will ease you gently into differing life experiences which you will empathise with in a positive way.

I recommend you enjoy this read and I look forward to her future publications."


"This book contains enough stories to keep you interested for some time. They range from a story on flying, a ghost story, a detective story etc. often with a romantic interest. Tessa has written eleven stories that will be perfect reading on the beach relaxing in the sun or while travelling to your destination."


"These are great stories for taking a break from your day. The author has an approachable,friendly style and has a real talent for drawing you in."

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