One brutal murder leads to another but can DCI Lane Rivers overcome her past to put an end to the killing?


The deafening sound of chaos and confusion met Detective Chief Inspector Lane Rivers as she arrived at the crime scene. The brutal murder of a popular Italian restaurant owner shocks the London community. Lane and her team at Scotland Yard find themselves in a vortex of deception and bloodshed.


The victim led an unblemished life: perfect wife, successful business, financially secure. Everybody admired him. But is everything as perfect as it seems?


An Amazon Review

5 Stars *****


Give me more DCI Rivers


"I love crime novels and this one hit the mark, I fell in love with Lane and the twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing till the very end. I enjoyed this so much I read the whole book in one sitting. The house could have fallen around my ears and I would not have noticed with my stomach knotting as the story reached it crescendo. The kids didn't get fed and the laundry had to wait. Five stars. Give me more DCI Rivers please."  



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